Toward The Pain 04:06
Toward The Pain (Instrumental)


One-Stop, Indie singer songwriter, Slow tempo, personal, light, minimal, emotional, relationships, heartbreak, sad, lonely, moody, Male vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, synth, beats, strings, Denver, Colorado, United States


Happy for a love that felt right
No space between us and no reason for goodbye
Took a while before the first fight
I’m a whole different man if you don’t take my side
And you know exactly what you heard
‘Til I go and redefine the words

No I won’t break
Holding on tight to my pride
You say
It doesn’t seem right
That we both feel alone but we’re drifting away
And we wait
For someone to move toward the pain

Closer now than ever before
The problem is now we can hurt even more
Couldn’t quite believe what you did
Cut me deep and I want you to feel it
And I know exactly what you said
Oh but I’m pretending to forget

Someone’s wrong
I’ll shine the light
But roots don’t grow from being right
I need your love
But drink I won’t
There’s poison in the water

So I hope and pray
All of our pride fades
So we don’t feel alone when we’re in the same place
And we wait
For someone to move toward the pain


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