Swells 02:55
Swells (Instrumental)
Swells (Background Vocals)
Background Vocals


Indie folk pop, Medium tempo, positive, upbeat, feel good, sunny, carefree, organic, warm, hopeful, young, youthful, fun, playful, Male vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass, drums, strings, piano, glockenspiel


And oh, well as I fell, I tried my best to carry on. And oh, I couldn’t change myself, cause I find that I would rather Chorus: Carry on, woah, Even though, you know that nothing feels, the same. So carry on, woahh. And oh, well as I felt, The weight of inconsistent swells. I dug my heel into the sand, but I, Heard them mean for me to carry on, and on and on I could wait for you or just move on, my dear. Where I belong, But I just need for you to go. Carry on, woahh Even though, you know That nothing feels, the same. So carry on, woahh.


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