Darlin (No Instrumental Available)

Stephen Babcock Fiction

Darlin (No Instrumental Available) 03:37


One-Stop, Folk acoustic singer songwriter, Fast tempo, organic, upbeat, relationships, Americana, heartland, love song, heartbreak, break up song, Male vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, electric guitar, percussion, slide guitar, New Hartford, New York, United States


Go on darlin, break my heart
Your friends been talking, and I’m falling apart
What’s that honey? You weak in the knees?
You’ve done your crying, would you kindly leave

?All the boys, are jumping for joy
Well you can have them
Cause you’ll never have me??
Well, look what you done
I gave you love and you would take to the street
Looking like Eve, up in the apple tree
?Wasting my time
Walking the line I knew I shouldn’t be
Damn I was foolish, I thought knew it, like the blind man begging to see

All the details, how’d you let him win?
Come on now, your blaming whisky and gin?
Oh I’m sorry, is this too much?
Well I’ll be leaving, I’ve had enough?


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