Seersucker Dress (No Instrumental Available)

Stephen Babcock Fiction

Seersucker Dress (No Instrumental Available) 03:22


One-Stop, Roots rock, Medium tempo, Americana, heartland, 6/4 time signature, relationships, heartbreak, breakup song, personal, emotional, Southern, Western, Male vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, organ, bass, drums, percussion, New Hartford, New York, United States


Watching that seer suck dress fall on your body
An it sounds rehearsed when you sit there and say that you loved me
And I lost respect as soon as you came in the front door
You’re just child I’m tired of waiting around for

So feed, feed me a line
I fall every time over you?Drunk on all the love
I just played a fool
What, what’s it all mean
It’s so obscene the way you wander
Was this all a joke?Cause nobody’s laughing
?Chorus (verse chords):?Cause I, was falling away
Look what you said!?You have a crooked heart

Well hell, maybe I’ll learn
But I can’t be sure
Cause you have a crooked heart

I want you to hurt, hell I’m tired of taking the punches
You’re keeping score of what’s left and it’s darlin nothing?you walk the line between being so selfish and stupid
And I’m just a fool for falling for all your excuses


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