At The End Pt. 1

Wylder Rain And Laura

At The End Pt. 1 03:12
At The End Pt. 1 (Instrumental)


Folk acoustic singer songwriter, Medium tempo, organic, emotional, heartfelt, uplifting, intimate, personal, nostalgic, Male vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, percussion, mandolin, piano, strings


Oh, and when the storms come flooding through the hall, rising to the landing, tearing pictures from the walls. The currents pull us underneath that bright tide rips us out into a tangled coral reef where we will never drown. Now that we’re at the end I try to tell myself that it’s always been you. Should I continue on and let you make this place your own? Or should we float off with the waves until we’re taken home? A salty taste of surf the words are still caught on my tongue. In the wake of everything, it's fair we came undone. Cause if we sank along into the tide, Our shadows cast out long in crooked lines. And even if you might not follow through, as the sun is swallowed up from view the last face that I’d see belongs to you.


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