Want Ya 03:49
Want Ya (Background Vocals)
Background Vocals
Want Ya (Instrumental)


Pop electronic rock, Medium tempo, tropical house, poppy, buidling, bold, fashion, beauty, edgy, love song, luxury, luxurious, sexy, sensual, Male vocals, male background vocals, electric guitar, whistling, drums, synth, keys, bass, tambourine, bells, snaps


I got one chance
For your romance
Slow your motion
Gimme one dance

Way you move.. drives me wild
Feel my temperature risin’ inside
And that gleam in your eye
Well I tried, but I can’t stop the tide

You make me want ya
Ya you got me don’tcha
Wanna get up on ya
Gotta know your name
You make me want ya
Got me burnin for ya
Imma need your number
If it’s all the same
Dizzy fever
When I see ya
Slow the time down
I can’t leave ya

Way you move.. drives me wild
Got my temperature risin’ inside
And that look in your eye
It’s like kerosine thrown on a fire

Had a feel in when I met you
Dizzy feeling when I met you


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