Lantern 04:38
Lantern (Instrumental)
Lantern (Background Vocals)
Background Vocals


Indie folk, Slow tempo, personal, intimate, organic, emtional, introspective, lonely, sad, cinematic, Male vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, strings, bass, drums, tambourine, percussion


That night the sun sank down and passed through the trees, the streets all drifted shut, and kept you with me. With the dim of the sun, You’re giving us up. The banks rising above covered the sill. She asks if she should stay. And since every word fell quiet and still, she says she will. The end of us delayed, and fell to the ground. Weathered by the storm and softened by doubt. With the dim of the sun, You’re keeping me up. My love, carried away, dressed by the storm her lantern turned away. She’s swallowed by night and feathers of rain, until the sun breaks. Years flit by in a day. But I still have you today. You dressed in white, and I followed you out through the door. Our backs to the wind, and my eyes cast down in the storm. Oh, my love, she settles down. My love. My love, she settles down.


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