Good Things (No Instrumental Available)

Stephen Babcock Fiction

Good Things (No Instrumental Available) 05:45


One-Stop, Blues roots, Slow tempo, dark, moody, mysterious, lonely, sad, heartbreak, heartland, Americana, Male vocals electric guitar, bass, drums organ, acoustic guitar, New Hartford, New York, United States


What did I do
To be treated so cold by you
What could I be
If you said that you loved me
Nothings changed
My heart is still to blame
You never cared
Your high horse still standing there?
Why do I have push and shove
Just to keep from falling down
Why do I have to have to walk away
To have you come around (end with A7 chord)?
My heavy heart won’t quit
Pretending what we could’ve been
But you go on, break it, break it again?
My heavy heart says leave
But you look so good in a memory
And I’ve ruined good things, trying to make you great

Where are you now?
Thinking of me somehow?Chambers street
Damn you always made me believe
It’s not a game
But I let you win the same
Bleed me dry
You’ve done it a thousand times (but you don’t know do you?)

Would you be my
Carolina bride?
Could you just lie
To me one more time?


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