Adelina 03:21
Adelina (Instrumental)


Folk acoustic singer songwriter, Medium tempo, warm, retro, positive, hopeful, love song, sunny, carefree, classic rock, retro, roots rock, Male vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, bass, drums, shaker, percussion


Downtown LA Bright lights on her face I thought she looked pretty There was nothing to contemplate I thought she talked funny She could say the same I didn’t care about much Except to get her name Dancing in the alley We were drinking champagne Towline will pull me under If I ever get my way Adeliina, could you meet me halfway? Adeliina I never saw it coming It’s a foolish kind of pain No self-help publication Could describe it with a name Memory on the right side Her eyes cut from the left Starts to take me under If she ever gets her way Adeliina, could you meet me halfway? Adeliina I walked back to see her Knowing what awaits A one-way flight to a Finnish line And a face I’d never shake I’d offer up my money Every penny, nickel, dime But like the way she entered She’d leave me far behind Adeliina, could you meet me halfway?


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