Little Raindrops

PUBLIC Let's Make It EP

Little Raindrops 02:53
Little Raindrops (Instrumental)


Pop rock, Medium tempo, upbeat, energetic, fun, pary, playful, young, youthful, funky, groovy, dance, rocking chorus, Male vocals, distorted electric guitar, bass, drums, hand claps, acoustic guitar


I had to watch you fall
I had a phone, I’d call
I had a reason to stall, babe you know I would – you know I
And then I see your face
In every place that I go
That I go
You’re making noise
You’re making noise, and now we’re
Sh-sh-sh-shuddering just shaking in our shoes
Oh no,
Well oh no and now were
j-j-j-just standing there with nothing else to lose

And I’m asking and I’m pleading and I’m holding your hand
You’re telling me these things that I can’t understand

I had to watch you fall
A reason to stall
A phone I’d call babe you know I would
You know I would


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