Seventeen 03:32
Seventeen (Instrumental)


Hard rock, Medium tempo, tough, gritty, swagger, dark, bluesy, heavy, mean, percussive, rowdy, sexy, garage, classic rock, Male vocals, distorted electric guitar, organ, bass, drums


Hey you with that look in your eye let me tell you a story about this other guy he was out drinking just like you and me Admiring the scenery she had bright red heels and jet black hair and it was more then he could bare. Some might say she was just a tease but then she whispered in his ear baby won’t you come home with me, please. Act 2 came as no surprise just be lucky you aint this other guy he woke up, she was getting dressed she said baby I just must confess My mom and dad are right downstairs so you better take the window cause you can’t take the stairs some might say she was just a tease so hears the lesson man, you always check a girls ID She was only 17.


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