Fading Out 04:21
Fading Out (Instrumental)


Indie rock ballad, Slow tempo, emotional, moody, introspective, dark, sad, lonely, heartbreak, singer songwriter, building, becomes epic, rocking, Female vocals, piano, synth, bass, drums, electric guitar,


So do I throw it all away or just accept that I’m shattered All for a heavy price to pay to realize it never mattered What choice do I make except every single step I take No vow did I mean to break Why indecision is so hard to fake CHORUS You’re fading out You’re fading out Rising vapor clouds out of reach I tried so hard to be someone my father would love finally Oh, but captivity makes a caged bird look out longingly CHORUS Where were you when I was falling Where were you when I was calling out for help You never showed Where were you when I was bleeding When my proof of hope was fleeing out the door And left me all alone


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