Living Room 03:45
Living Room (Instrumental)


Indie folk pop rock, Fast tempo, building, uplifting, upbeat, energetic, anthemic, inspiring, positive, hopeful, carefree, love song, sunny, feel good, Male vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, electric guitar, bass, drums


Cold fell away as I slip to the sun, tangled in you for the first time in months. We’re sinking back down, down, down, down falling back into ourselves. If settling down with you means more than empty words we’d work it out. Oh, in a way it’s alright, you pulled me out from inside. And level me now. You gotta hold oh oh oh…. You’d moved away, found a curious life. One with an equally strange kind of guy. You're blurring my eyes, I can’t say if I’ve been pushed until I’m gone. Now, these days I feel fine. With you in a glass by my side. I swallow you down. The sun came up above the city I’m awake, my heart is in my chest


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