Fire 03:02
Fire (Background Vocals)
Background Vocals
Fire (Instrumental)


Pop alternative rock, Medium tempo, positive, anthemic, electronic, bold, confident, building, uplifting, inspiring, determination, driving, edgy, fiery, gritty, rocking, rowdy, swagger, tough, Male vocals, male background vocals, drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, synth, keys, bass


I’m a fighter I’m a ghost in the night
I’m a bullet, I’m a flash in the fire
I’m an ember that’s about to ignite
Lit me like a fuse and brought me to life

I got something you want, got something you need
All the cold in the world got nothin on me

I’m burning up! (I’m fire!)

I’ll be the sugar high, the shot to your vein
I’ll be your scars, I’ll be the mud on your face
I’m through your system like a hit to the brain
You never knew, now you’ll remember my name

Take a shot, but it’s a shot in the dark
You clench your knuckles and you wait for a spark
I’ll be the one to let you know who are
start a fire in your renegade heart

Start a fire in your renegade heart
I see you drownin ya you’re falling apart
Wake you up and get you out of the dark
Start a fire in your renegade heart


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