Too Much To Live For (Instrumental)

Lucy Woodward (Master Rep Only) Hot And Bothered

Too Much To Live For (Instrumental) 03:49


Instrumental Pop rock, Soulful, funky, groovy, upbeat, energetic, sensual, R&B, fast tempo, major, cabaret, poppy, Horns, electric bass, organ, drums, synth


Hello there, dont hang up
Before you get any ideas
I know that I was a pain in the ass out of fear
A princess with tiny troubles weighing me down
Oh, I've wasted so much time with these stupid thoughts on my mind

You wont find me crying over something dumb
Cause hanging onto yesterdays aint no fun
I'm tired of singing the blues that aint really blues theyre just
bad excuses

It takes over, it gets bigger
Consumes my every inner thought
Anxiety attacks me, neurotic fit and then I drop
Well I'm popping this lil bubble and loving the sound
I been around the world and seen a lotta smiles from folks with nothing


You wont find me crying over something dumb
And overreacting wont keep you young
But everybody loves the drama sometimes
Well Im changing my ways cause I’m over it


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