Fancy Pants 03:08
Fancy Pants (Instrumental)


Classic rock, Fast tempo, upbeat, energetic, poppy, feel good, fun, carefree, sunny, 1970s, 70's, positive, Male vocals, piano, electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion, horns, tambourine


I know the weather man well and Mondays fine, Tuesdays fine And I know that people can tell if your feeling fine feeling fine So you got nowhere to hide, don’t you run, don’t you run baby cause you know im gonna take you outside and grab some sun, have some fun cause oh, where you gonna go? when that rain is pouring right outside your window Backbeat the word is on the street, the fires out the fires out back home those people still preach they twist and shout twist and shout Decked out and looking rather hip were feeling fine feeling fine Thank god for the weathers mans tip, he said Mondays fine Tuesdays fine cause oh where you gonna go?, when that rain is pouring right outside your window La la la’s feeling fine feeling fine!


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