Born Like This 04:23
Born Like This (Instrumental)


One-Stop, Indie rock, retro, vintage, classic rock, personal, intimate, dreamy, dream pop, uplifting, inspiring, political, Male vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, organ, tambourine, Northampton, Massachusetts, United States


I don't care who you voted for, I'm overloaded I'm amazed how the picture's all double exposed, yea I don't need to be right, just walk beside me Or were you born like this? Who cares if we’re poor, the Lord is our portion Who cares what we lose, the work is the worship We're here, let the people walk in through the doors yea We're here, playing music with soul and distortion but we don't need to be right, just take it all in stride we're gona heal, gona light up all night were you born like this? i heard something new that i never knew yea And i seen something coming that we never been through yea fork in the road cracking the code salvation of the soul steady as she goes were you born like this?


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