Better Things To Do

Bend Sinister Animals

Better Things To Do 05:00
Better Things To Do (Instrumental)


Rock, Medium tempo, positive, upbeat, energetic, classic rock, hopeful, love song, soulful, alternative, 1970s, 70's, Male vocals, electric guitar, bass, drums, electric piano, horns


She woke up dancing, wouldn’t tell me her name. I met her last night and I’ll never be the same. She was as sweet as Sunday morning and I had to let her know but then she grabbed me by the hand and she wouldn’t let me know we were both getting loose at a quarter to 2, the band was still playing but we both had better things to do We both had better things to do We both had better things to do Things were getting heavy so I went and grabbed the tab then we stumbled through the door as she whistled for a cab We never said a word but we got to know each other well and when the night was over she had me in a spell she got me up in the morning by cranking the tunes she said thanks for the party but I got better things to do Baby I got better things to do Better things to do (repeat out)


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