Lover, Let Me Be 03:45
Lover, Let Me Be (Instrumental)


One-Stop, Blues rock, Slow tempo, heartbreak, longing, love, relationships, emotional, rocking, building, raw, retro, bluesy, energetic, gritty, mysterious, soulful, soul, classic rock, dark, warm, alternative, desperate, lonely, Male vocals, background vocals, electric guitar, drums, bass, piano, synth, keys, acoustic guitar, Nashville, Tennessee, United States


Lie to yourself but don't lie to me Is the man in your bed on your mind when you sleep? I got caught up when I saw ya, the room started spinning Time stopped and my heart dropped I was all in Wish I had known, now look at the mess we're in Do you? Don't you? I know you want me I know I should leave Will you? Won't you? Why do you haunt me? Lover, let me be Rationalize like you always do Can't follow your heart. It just leaves you confused But the swan song is so strong that strangers are singing Am I right? Or just a saint, justifying sinning? I can't feel bad for a man who puts hands on you You say we're through, in about two weeks you call me Some drunk excuse. Break down sayin "I need you"


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