The Graduate 04:41
The Graduate (Instrumental)


One-Stop, Alternative indie rock, Medium tempo, rocking, hitting, energetic, upbeat, groovy, growing up, changing, progress, leaving, journey, twangy, personal, introspective, independent, growing, building, college, moody, passionate, young, youthful, jam, anthemic, moving on, Male vocals, female vocals, background vocals, electric guitar, drums, bass, keys, piano, Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States


Leaves on the trees Mean nothing to me I say Theatre lights Were always too bright I say In your heart yeah you found A poisonous sound A sky with the bottom in flames On your porch is a chair And your daddy sits there And he sings and he calls out your name She’s dressed up in white But it doesn’t look right So I stand and I scream from my seat But my words are misheard So I leave like a bird Flying north to escape from the heat Everything, Everything’s gonna change x2 Walking the streets With nowhere to be I say The things that you feel They never were real I say Everything, Everything’s gonna change x6 But I remain the same


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