Breathe (feat Holy Drummond)

nulabee Tree Fall Gaps

Breathe (feat Holy Drummond) 04:08
Breathe (Instrumental)


Electronic dance pop, Medium tempo, moody, heavy, building, swagger, dubstep, chillwave, haunting, tense, tension, suspense, emotional, glitch, Female vocals, beats, synth, synth pad, electric guitar, electronic elements


You hold a power in your eyes
Try to charm me with your lies
You suck the life from me
make it hard just to breathe.
No I wonít be your fool
I wonít play by your rules
You can't keep your hold on me
Iím getting out, breaking free.

Breathe in
breathe out
You are suffocating me
Breathe in
breathe out
Set me free...

I was warned but I didnít believe
that youíd end up breaking me
charmed your way into my heart
had me hooked right from the start.
if i knew what i know now
would i run or take the vow?
was the pleasure worth this pain?
this torture inside my brain?


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