Mother (No Instrumental Available)

Jordy Maxwell Honest

Mother (No Instrumental Available) 04:41


One-Stop, Folk acoustic singer songwriter, Slow tempo, emotional, nostalgic, organic, calm, introspective, reflective, sad, moody, lonely, becomes uplifting, hopeful, medium tempo, Male vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, drums, bass, International, Perth, Australia


So lately I’ve been talking to my mother, I told her I don't want to be alone
She said son don't worry, This loneliness comes and it will go
I'm sick of people trying to tell me, Just save your money, spend it when you’re old
Because I just want to go surfing , And let this life of mine unfold
So I drink wine by the ocean, I take my love to the seas
This loneliness and emotion, No they wont come with me
And I don’t want much money, To live this simple life
I don’t want to grow old, And wait until I die
So I tell my mother that i love her, And all shes done for me
Thank her for this friendship, this happiness and everything in between

So hold your head up boy
Don’t let them see you cry
Keep dreaming and its okay
Just keep that fire inside you (x3)
So Lately I've been talking to my Mother
I told her i don't want to be alone


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