Reckless Rebel (Additional Clearances Required)

youth Youth EP

Reckless Rebel (Additional Clearances Required) 02:21
Reckless Rebel (Additional Clearances Required)(Instrumental)


Pop electronic rock, Medium tempo, tough, swagger, building, gritty, trailer, anthemic uplifting, rocking, heavy, alternative, uplifting, Male vocals, synth, beats, electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion


I’m a dark force Riding on a white horse banging down your front door Got madness in my skin I’m that head light shining in the dark night I’m gonna make you think twice Wonder where I’ve been Can you see it now Can you see it in my grin Born a reckless rebel rebel You can’t contain me now Feel it rushing Quiver in the cold wind Menace in the silence The shadow on your mind You try to fight it Struggle to control it But nothing can contain it Worried what you’ll find Can you feel it now Feel it in your veins


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