World Stand Still

After April Beautiful Chaos

World Stand Still 04:21
World Stand Still (Instrumental)


One-Stop, Rock, Slow tempo, emotional, introspective, heartbreak, love song, building, anthemic, rocking chorus, Male vocals, electric guitar, bass, drums, Greenville, North Carolina, United States


I'm falling down on my knees Something's changed inside me I don't know quite what it is You lead and I will follow This heart will chase blindly Cause all I want is all you are I need you here So let the world stands still I need to hear You speak to me Won't you tell me what you want? Won't you show me what this means? I need you I need you here Where the world stands still All alone and falling apart I'm miles from where you are And the end is closing in How am I supposed to stand here when my eyes can't see past the fear? I'm breaking down, I'm giving in I need you here where the world stands still Will you meet me when I need you here?


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