Oh, Beautiful 02:35
Oh, Beautiful (Background Vocals)
Background Vocals
Oh, Beautiful (Instrumental)


One-Stop, Alternative blues rock, Medium tempo, heartbreak, longing, love, relationships, emotional, rocking, dynamic, building, raw, retro, bluesy, energetic, gritty, mysterious, soulful, soul, bitter, angry, angsty, moody, sultry, feisty, poppy, upbeat, bold, edgy, driving, Male vocals, background vocals, drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys, strings, efx, synth, tambourine, Nashville, Tennessee, United States


What would you have me do? Keep my mouth shut and sing the blues? What would you have me do? Wait in the wings until I dance for you? "Don't think too much," you pacify me Cause god forbid our past remind me That you only care about you I don't deserve to be blue How would you have me be? At arms length but still within reach? You promised you'd do me no harm When I fell for your charm, I landed in your teeth Don't pretend you're reckoning cause your actions are deafening So I'll dance with the ugliest truth Just to know where I stand with you Oh Beautiful, forsake me not You use me like plaster to patch up the wall that this bastard put his hands through Are you certain he cares about you? The truth wants to dance don't refuse


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