Shame (Instrumental)


One-Stop, Blues rock, Medium tempo, roots, Southern, rocking, nostalgic, dramatic, dark, heartbreak, longing, emotional, raw, retro, bluesy, moody, gritty, regretful, cinematic, soulful, soul, sultry, feisty, spiritual, church, rustic, gospel, vintage, Male vocals, female vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth, keys, drums, organ, tambourine, Nashville, Tennessee, United States


Ain't no shame in feeling alone Damn near ready to give up the ghost Ain't no shame believing in winning when losing is all that you've known Shame Ain't no shame if you break down and cry Cause your passion won't pay for your life No Shame if your plans gotta chance cause youre So sick of just scraping by I made mountains of mistakes so I high I could not see the ground Replayed for ten years in my brain, I was walking round haunted by nouns Shame Ain't no shame if your hands start to shake Praying this cop ain't had a bad day If she crosses the street as soon as she sees you No shame feeling some typa way Ain't no shame in walking away cause your heart just can't take no more ache Ain't no shame in drinking all weekend just cause you needed the escape I kept all her letters like a soldier in a hole in the ground Knowing she ain't my soul mate just the closest thing I found


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