Here We Go Again 03:17
Here We Go Again (Background Vocals)
Background Vocals
Here We Go Again (Chorus Vocals)
Chorus Vocals
Here We Go Again (Instrumental)


Hip Hop, Fast tempo, energetic, raw, rocking, anthemic, hard rock, funky, soulful, powerful, driving, rock, Male vocals, rapping, beats, bass, drums, electric guitar, synth, shaker, vibraslap, group vocals


Here We Go Again sediment ground break Poetical veteran

letters connect….within the head of an alien

Several panicking on the bed in an ambulance

medical bandaging ambient sounds Ambien mannequin stiff

I got NY advantages

red bull wings on cloud 9 channel sick

Lighters and a candlestick

light mics glow all you see tri nitro toluene…Bang
Pardon Class
modern math
master lost the locs still owns the key to craft
Art is fact
grab a map
dig it….artifact
nun-chuck the sun and then raise the solemn facts
Building questions that are hard to ask
Answer’s romanced with-a- laugh
From the lack of paragraphs

Sight blinder light finder
Genius Stein eye shiner
With the right hooks from my binder…Skype Rhymer
Rock a groove from the living room
While I find
Something comfortable for to slip into
Like a beat coma
Heat toast the record
Turn the beat over
Word Curb Street soldier
Sweep cobra Kai
Cheat Code ya
S P O the K
Online Ebola
He’s older Bigger
Fee Fye Foe Fum
So the Fee’s five times ya dough son

Ur boys got heart
your planet has to stethoscope
The chest for pulse
Until dem requests of spoke
You’ll never know
Don’t settle for less than Dope
Not trying to provoke
On a sober note
Let’s take a shot
Coma toast Mr. overdose
How do we make it stop
It’s a roller coast
Write on
pass the baton
Never running in place
Or passive in songs
the head skill
freestyle treadmill
cardio audio
till cardiac’s in custody’s arms
beats I meet are accustomed to harm
lose the gloves and bare knuckle the song
and until them gone


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