Second Best 02:49
Second Best (Instrumental)


One-Stop, Indie rock, Medium tempo, twangy, jangly, organic, warm, rocking, blue collar, playful, hitting, young, youthful, upbeat, energetic, moody, emotional, passionate, dramatic, lively, jam, americana, southern, carefree, proud, personal, introspective, growing up, transition, unsatisfied, Male vocals, background vocals, electric guitar, bass, piano, drums, tambourine, organ, keys, Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States


Don’t harass me if I’m here on time Another day on the assembly line Makin’ pennies while you’re makin’ dimes Lord I pray for something new Work is steady but the shifts are long Leave at dusk, comin’ in at dawn At least they let me turn the radio on Can you play me somethin’ good? I’m tired of second best Good God I need some rest Gonna work myself to death this life My body’s killin’ me Good Good I need some sleep Gonna work just like a dog all night But all I want for you is a better life Play my music for a buck on the side Makin’ nothin’ but you know that I tried Go to sleep eatin’ nothin’ but pride Lord I pray for somethin’ new


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