This Could Be 03:50
This Could Be (Instrumental)


One-Stop, Folk singer songwriter, Medium tempo, organic, warm, positive, personal, intimate, relationships, love song, uplifting, hopeful, cinematic, orchestral, Male vocals, acoustic guitar, strings, bass, brass, woodwinds, percussion, Denver, Colorado, United States


Don’t wanna second guess
Or make a mess of this
I never know just what I need
You come and make it clear
What to love and what to fear
You make it easy to be free

See you lying next to me
And I’m collecting memories
So good they’ll never leave my brain
This could be better than I ever dreamed
Don’t wanna understand
The purpose or the circumstance
I’m lucky just to know your name
And this could be better than I ever dreamed

I’m lost but on my way
In love and out of place
Old plans aren’t making sense to me
Something about your mind
It keeps me out of mine
I tend to take myself too seriously


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