Insomniac (feat. Atarii) (Clean Version)

AJ Salvatore Daydreams And Nightmares

Insomniac (feat. Atarii) (Clean Version) 02:32


One-Stop, Electronic dance, Medium tempo, industrial, hiphop, EDM, club, techno, house, rave, wobble, dubstep, panic, anxious, swagger, confident, moody, flow, groovy, backbeat, sex, sexual, dark, angry, death, tough, gritty, dirty, heavy, Male vocals, background vocals, beats, synth, sub bass, efx, keys, percussion, Long Island, New York, United States


Run it
Line ‘em up
Don’t give a fuck who done it

Knock me down
As if we’re all about it
Disregarded, mad men,
Like we’re overcrowded

Now that’s a body on it
Quick, yeah
That’s 25, you’re wanted

Tick, yeah
The clock is always runnin’
Get the bag, bring it back
Now you’re onto somthin’

4am and we’re just getting started
Until the PM, carpe diem, eyes on the target

Bullet to the head, (ho)
I’m off my meds, (yo)
Fuck what you said
Yeah, I’ll sleep when I’m dead
When I’m, dead

When I’m, dead
When I’m
When I’m, dead
When, I’m

Verse II
Oh shit
Just a hit
Now it’s in my veins

Rollin’ bands
Can never quit the game
She on my dick, make it numb
Call it novocaine

Is this the end of me
Gang, yeah
I keep that thang on me

Slang, yeah
No time to flip and sell it
Turn around, shoot ‘em down
Was it really worth it


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