Drive Me Wild (Additional Clearances Required)

youthxx youthxx EP

Drive Me Wild (Additional Clearances Required) 02:30
Drive Me Wild (Additional Clearances Required)(Background Vocals)
Background Vocals
Drive Me Wild (Additional Clearances Required)(Instrumental)


Additional Clearances Required, Alternative rock, Fast tempo, swagger, rowdy, energetic, upbeat, tough, gritty, rock, anthemic, inspiring, sexy, fashion, beauty, garage, alternative, pop, Male vocals, electric bass, drums, beats, hand claps, tambourine, percusison, electric guitar, synths, piano, Los Angeles, California, United States


I've been wandering ?Searching for that
sweet sensation
That takes me high it's
? understated?Form and shape that?starts to make me?lose my mind??I can't help it when you do it like that do it like that?I can't help it when you do it like that, you??Drive me wild?Oo-oo?
Palms are shaking
Heartbeat racing
I'm elevated
On the wire

I can't escape it
There's no erasing
I got that picture
Burned in my mind

I can't explain it
Can't contain it
Your on mind it

Dug my way out from
I'm gonna get ya

Drive me wild
You got me on the run


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