Watch Out

youth Youth EP

Watch Out 02:53
Watch Out (Instrumental)


Electronic pop, Medium tempo, dark, mysterious, sexy, gritty, tough, fashion, beauty, aggressive, bold, brooding, building, confident, dance, dark, driving, edgy, intense, percussive, raw, swagger, Male vocals, male background vocals, strings, beats, fx siren, synth, keys, electronic drums


You thought I had it
I shot a bullet at it
Tryin my hardest
To escape from all the madness
So automatic
Cut through all the static
Like something tragic
I can’t escape my inner addict

Danger, danger, my chemicals are taking control
I’m like a stranger hiding from the wolf at my door
Won’t let me go

Watch out

Pullin me under
There’s something in the water
Draggin me harder
I can’t get free I can’t get farther

I’m doing things that I never wanted to
Crossing every line just so I can get with you, cause
You got a hold, you got a hold on me
The kind of things that I know I will regret cause
You got a hold, you got a hold on me


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