Wind 04:10
Wind (Instrumental)


One-Stop, Bluegrass, Slow tempo, emotional, sad, lonely, dark, Southern, Country, Americana, rural, nostalgic, Male vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitar, upright bass, percussion, fiddle, violin, Charleston, South Carolina, United States


Long ago, the wind had just been born He was so young and sweet Ethereal and free of guilt As a boy, with a magnifying glass And a line of marching ants He blew fires all across this land Wind, I can hear you now you old man You moan and groan and howl Wind, you’re no kind of friend I scream, my name to you again When will you grow old enough To listen The wind, grew up to be strong Learned his right from wrong A soft breeze from a stormy day And as a man, spreading seeds throughout the land He traveled far and wide Let the birds rely on him I spend, my nights alone outside Listen to the song The wind brings across the sea But when, I need someone to hear To listen, love, and stay The wind just blows away again


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