Born For This (Additional Clearances Required)

youth Youth EP

Born For This (Additional Clearances Required) 02:49
Born For This (Additional Clearances Required)(Instrumental)


Rock alternative, Fast tempo, driving, tough, swagger, gritty, rocking, heavy, hard, anthemic, uplifting, inspiring, Male vocals, bass, distorted electric guitar, bass, beats, drums, percussion, chain


The heat is on, we’re gonna we do what we do
We got a fierce determination a formidable crew
We’re quick & dangerous, ain’t nothing new to us you can do
Ooooh, nothing new

Watch out now.. here we come

Stand aside.. watch us rise
You can’t deny
We were born for this
Stand our ground
Won’t back down without a fight
We were born for this

We take it on wherever we roll
The road gets hard, we call it our home
Nothing new to us all we’ve ever known
Oooh, it’s all we’ve known

Luck ain’t never been a friend of mine
Might be a different situation in a different time
But right now - we were born for this


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