Wild 03:45
Wild (Instrumental)


Pop electronic dance, Fast tempo, sexy, airy, atmospheric, EDM, lounge, fashion, beauty, elegant, sensual, love song, Male vocals, beats, synth, bass, percusison, tambourine, electric guitar


Am I high on the air I’m breathing? I stole it from your lungs All the nights I’m with you are painted Red with obsession You’re burning fast on me like a fever Are you searching for something sweeter? Champagne and a box of matches You know it drives you wild And I know I can’t keep you off my mind There’s just something about your love I might be wasting all my time There’s just something about your love It’s the way that you cut me open Watch it all pour out It’s how you sway on me like the ocean As if we never stopped I can’t complain when you pull me under Call it wrath of a jealous lover To stay and enjoy the violence You know it drives you wild And I know They say you’re reckless But I don’t care Got me feeling restless But baby I’m not scared I just need to find a way to


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