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What happens when you up and quit your day job, move to Austin and start a band on nothing but the money in your pocket?

You have time to put together simply amazing music. The Music Playground is proud to announce our exclusive signing of “The Sour Notes” a band out of Austin Texas whose dreamy, melodic hooks and beautifully crafted sound are on display on their records “Received in Bitterness” and “The Meat of the Fruit”.

>>>> The Sour Notes are an Austin, TX pop band formed by Jared Boulanger (vox/gtr), Chris Page (piano/gtr), Travis Hackett (drums) and Brandi Dipietro (bass). “Their allure is an easy one–dreary yet rich pop ballads that ease you through the gloom with melodic charm and earnest sweetness.” – Baltimore City Paper.

Since their formation in 2008, The Sour Notes have recorded 2 albums (The Meat of the Fruit, Received in Bitterness), 7″ record (Never Mix, Never Worry) and have toured the United States to much critical acclaim.

“Principle Note–Jared Boulanger crafts beautiful and questioning melodies that are rife with a direct pop angst, unexpected samples and keyboard bursts that manage to keep the songs fascinating through repeat listens.” – Austin Sound.


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