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Emerging from his mother's womb with a keyboard already in clutch, Sam Padrul's head was oozing with music since the dawn of his existence. Growing up with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson taking residence on his shoulders and whispering their smooth tunes into his ears, Sam was influenced and inspired by their catchy funkitude from a young age. Later in his childhood and early (and awkward) teenage years, Sam was sculpted by the likes of Daft Punk, Cassius, and Fred Falke, and later the filtered disco house movement.

Born and raised Chicago, the now 25-year-old Sam was inspired by the Windy City's robust house music scene, which was integral to his development as a songwriter and musician. Combining a love for disco and old-school funk, as well as contemporary electronic music, Sam's productions and DJ sets often blend housey beats with the traditional funky stuff into some sort of wonderous creamy musical amalgam that ears accept openly.

Playing piano and writing music from an early age, Sam became passionate about understanding catchy music, learning to lure catchy chord progressions into his own tunes. Some have speculated that Sam actually makes love to his piano keyboard, to which Sam has responded, "No comment".

Upholding a high musical standard, a respect for catchy chord progressions, a funky sensibility, and a poppy generalist approach, Sam considers his music to be listenable and enjoyable by people with all sorts of flavors of musical preferences. His remixes have been written about extensively on popular online music blogs, and he has been a rising force as a DJ and producer in Chicago's music scene. With his first single "All I Do" released in 2011 and having gained much attention, Sam started off 2012 with his followup single, "Let's Make History" beginning this year with a bang!

One thing's for certain, that Sam will continue to spew forth hot jams from every orifice until the day he keels over from being overfunked.


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Offbeat Offbeat


Source:sampadrul TrackTitle:Offbeat
Offbeat (Instrumental)

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