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Slipin an' Slidin Slipin an' Slidin


Look at me, I’m like a monkey in a coconut tree Like a dolphin in the deep blue sea, I’m wild and I’m free Ridin, just a slippin an slidin, just a duckin and divin I’m having a ball Times are tough, and if it gets too rough In this cruel economy I just thank the Lord for my beat up Ford And I drive off happily To the sea and I’m ridin, glidin’, slippin an’ slidin Flippin’, duckin’, and divin’ I’m diggin’ it all (solo) Surf’s up, you’re lookin’ at one happy pup I’m gonna leave my coffee in the cup Cuttin’ out for the sea The bigger the wave the better the ridin’ The faster you’re glidin’ the cooler you’re slidin’ The deeper you’re duckin’ the higher you’re divin’ The more you’re lovin’ it all I only wish I could play like this every day right here in the sea Where the waves belong to every one The best things in life are free Show me a wave and I’ll ride it I’ll slip it and slide it I’ll flip it, duck it, and dive it I’m right where I wanna be Oh yeah, I get my kicks in the sea
Slipin an' Slidin (Instrumental)

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