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REAL//TALKS music comes from the heart of 5 kids who grew up together on the coast.
Strong, catchy melodies and subtle harmonies combined with a huge sound of drum, bass, keys and guitar and a captivating live performance. This is a band full of energy and soul that makes you happy just hearing them. If you aren't dancing by the end of the set, you aren't doing it right.
REAL//TALKS formed in 2012 as a long awaited project of promised jams and hangouts. Since Stewart and Alex met in primary school they had always played music together, meeting Sarah and Matt as they went along and, finally, drawing inspiration from several Bruce Willis films they kidnapped Jeremy. After that, they wrote a lot of songs, and played them for some people, and they clapped, and everyone was really happy.


One song


Verse 1: Theres a ghost inside your bedroom, he looks pretty gone. Hes telling your new girlfriend how youre really not that hot. Now she knows youre just a liar, he told it all. Your game was over right from the start. She thought she was a goddess; then you came along. She came to your parents house; she met your Mum. She thought you were so great, you thought so too. First impressions never last, and neither will you. Chorus: She! Knows! That you really, really gotta go! It! Flows! From the river out onto the road! Verse 2: The ghost, he blew the façade away; revealing the truth thats your mistake. And you fucked her, oh what a shame, saving my heart, I broke away. You werent supposed to find out. Well, I guess I did. I thought we were perfect… But I ruined it. And maybe were better off this way, and maybe were running, but thats okay!
She Knows (:30)
:30 Cutdown
She Knows (Instrumental)

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