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Standing on the banks of the modest Trabuco Creek, the three Ireland brothers (Brian, Matt and Derek) methodically tie fishing lures at the end of nearly invisible lines. Band mate and lifelong friend Zak Salazar, is close at hand, perched precariously on a granite stone, eying what looks to be a promising fishing hole. This is The Live Oak Revue very much in their element. And their southern influenced sound reflects that lifestyle well. And yet, the Live Oak Revue is very much a product of Southern California. Part barn-burner, part street corner grit, it is a sound born out of the eclectic muster of the gold rush boom-town. It is a California long since buried. You have to dig deep to hear it, get your hands a little dirty, but it's there, Salazar explains. Continuing the musical legacies of their families, Salazar recounts how his great grandfather would cross the border to play in Tijuana nightclubs during prohibition. It's a story I always loved as a child. To follow in his footsteps is a constant source of pride and inspiration. And speaking for the Ireland brothers, Derek recalls, we literally grew up in a music store. Our father was the owner from the time we were born. Music was, and is, a way of life for us. It is in our blood.
After the loss of a close friend, Zak and the Brothers Ireland rekindled a bond that naturally led them back to music. The band was birthed out of the whiskey fueled nights at the Amber Lantern House, a Dana Point, CA residence where friends would gather together to sip spirits and make noise. We never wanted to try and force anything. It was never our intention to start a band and cut a record. Everything happened so organically. We took to writing and playing music together because that's what we do‚ it's what we've always done, says Salazar. Everyone was welcome to play, we had an open door policy. It was less of a band and more of a family. If you had a washboard or an empty beer bottle, you made the cut. And we became known for that. Now, paving their own way in the rebirth of Americana, there is a sound unique to the band, yet hints at something incredibly familiar. Call it nostalgia, but what the Live Oak Revue is doing, is reminding you of the songs your grandfather taught you when your mother wasn't listening. Songs of shanty town women, late night drinkin' and most of all, home.


5 songs
When The Dawn Breaks When The Dawn Breaks


Oh when the dawn breaks. Say, say it aint so. Am I still a criminal? I, I cant believe that you never sang to me. Oh when the dawn breaks. I need to be released so hurry quick call a priest I need to let this go, so cut the lines from below. All I wanted was the truth, instead I got you The words, words that we spoke we are now made to choke. And when we turn to dust, those words now turn to rust.
When The Dawn Breaks (Instrumental)


Before the flood I felt the child down below, barefoot and froze beneath the snow. Now its Caroline and shes out flying with the crows, And Im praying deep inside for me and mine beneath the pines. And I just hope she jumps that county line County line, county line, please dont hold up my Caroline. Shes the one the only one who stood by me. Shell be coming strong in her 61. That straight six Ford moves like the sun. So you know right when you see That shes the only woman for me For five long years I spent here driving down the road The price I paid for the life she stole. Now its Caroline and shes still out there on her own. And Im praying deep inside for me and mine beneath the pines. And I just hope she jumps that county line.
County Line (Instrumental)


3am nothings working. Another lonely night at home. Why am I calling you this evening? I guess Im afraid to be alone. And I cant shake this wake and all I need is rest. Calling out your name with whiskey on my breath. Nothing to offer you but a sinners heart at best. Still youre my only one. I got this awful thing inside me. Where other people have a heart. And now its cracking at the ramparts. For the awful things that I have done.
Sinner's Heart (Instrumental)


I went down to the land of the king. Buried my brother down in New Orleans. Whoa. Owed my life to the commissary store. Bought my freedom with a .44 Whoa Oh how I miss Miss Abeline. It was the rhythm of her smile, that drove the rhythm of my feet. But life aint always such a dream, You put this heart on trial. Heart on trial. Born to ramble up and down around this land. Gave up my running with my own two hands. Should have know better being down in Acadian. Lost my vision to the eyes of woman.
Abelene (Instrumental)


Went to the well boys, the well was empty. Dont give me water, just give me whiskey. Oh Dont worry Mama, The world is ending. Got nothing left here, thats worth defending. Oh Slowly rolling, down by the river darlin. We dont belong here in the South. If only, only, I put away a little money. We could get out without a sound. These days are restless, the earth is choking. My time is wasted, my will is broken. Oh.
We Don't Belong (Instrumental)

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