Elektric Animals

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Elektric Animals is an Alternative Rock band from Denver, CO. Their sound is a tasteful mix of 90's garage rock, classic blues, smooth alternative indie rock, and a sprinkling of post-grunge. They burst onto the Denver, CO scene in early 2018 with singles "Obsessive" and "Cool Calm Collected."
Hot Lunch Music says "Reminiscent of the swagger rock masters Welshly Arms, Elektric Animals will be one to keep an eye on in the coming years if these singles are any indication of what’s to come."
Their next single "Vulnerable Thing" was released in early 2019 and sealed the Animals as an upcoming artist to watch.
Bolderbeat raves “Most modern artists seem to settle for uninspired music made with a computer; music that only holds fleeting moments of attention. Elektric Animals seem to be the opposite, creating music that involves organic elements, while still cultivating powerful hooks, and emotional lyrics; engraving them more permanently inside our heads. This is a band who does so knowing that the only attention they crave is from the real stories they lead."


5 songs
Cool Calm Collected Cool Calm Collected


Dying do you feel alive? In the market to buy some time And free yourself Pay, repeat, survive It’s cool, I’m calm and collected Where do my hands go? Outside to be with my mind Where does my tongue go? In my mouth where it hides Baby do you wanna fly? Even though I’m scared of heights To hell we go Rinse, forgive, rewind Oh it’s cool, I’m calm and collected
Cool Calm Collected (Instrumental)
Just Like You Just Like You


Don’t forget what you said to me You think it’s best I grow old Settle down with insecurities Make a house into a home Just like you Stuck in the middle Just like you So afraid to be alone I’ll be like you Caught on the surface With every single person that you claim you know Just Seeing pictures now you're dreaming of exes Failed feelings now you’re dreaming to leave Seeing pictures now you’re dreaming of exes You’re seeing your dream Don’t forget what you said that day Good things don’t come to those who wait Hate your body, never trust a face Build an office on their graves Just like you Stuck in the middle Just like you Afraid to be alone Just like you Caught on the surface I’ll be like you
Just Like You (Instrumental)
Obsessive Obsessive


Sleep Don’t worry about a thing tonight Just dream The world gets cold when your eyes get tired Can we just settle down Can we just figure out Why all the words feel offensive Can you not talk about What you can live without When it comes to you I’m obsessive I’d rather wait around for you I watch you like a shooting star So deep Loss of heat with the guilt we breathe Can you just be without Your worry, filled with doubt Get rid of all of the Politics Just leave it black and scared Keep watching, counting stars Well do you find me obsessive I’d rather lose myself Than you to lose your health I know that sounds so excessive And in the darkness days Burn brighter then your pain When it comes to you I’m aggressive Love you on the way down
Obsessive (Instrumental)
Vulnerable Thing Vulnerable Thing


My mask is not acting the way I thought it would My words are dyslexic, dissecting all that’s good I’ll wait for the sky to show me I’ll wait for the wind to blow me Your body language starts to change and then you’re tired of me Your heart is open then it’s broken now you want me to leave As I grow older I’m no longer such a vulnerable thing As I get sober I’m no longer such a vulnerable thing My body is hardened By all the thought you woulds My heart is not binded By all the think you shoulds I’ll wait for the night to call me I’ll wait for the ground to swallow me whole I’ll play your games for a minute but, as I grow older I’m no longer such a vulnerable thing
Vulnerable Thing (Instrumental)
Guillotine Guillotine


My baby She always treats me like I’m Jesus I’m treading water feeling useless But she thinks I’m a saint I know it’s wrong but it feels so great Baby I think I’m packing up and leaving Not man enough to have a reason People are strange I know I’m lucky but I feel so strange I will run like I used to A lonely child who’s scared to be loved Locked away in a dark room I swear that I, swear that I, think that I Can make things right Feed my vice just to feel engaging My discomfort speaks your language I might just stumble through your darkness I’m not caught out in the wild Like I used to be I’m not wrapped up in my mind you see I still lie like I used to
Guillotine (Instrumental)

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