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Crush creates a radio and festival friendly sound that blends garage rock with tasteful electronic production and three part harmonies. Their sound has been compared to Green Day, Nirvana, The White Stripes, and Muse.

The members of Crush are in their early 20's yet have over a decade of experience writing, producing, and performing various styles of electronic rock throughout the West Coast. The band has played over 200 stages in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, and Reno - most notably sharing the stage with 3OH!3, Dev, and RAC.


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You're on a crash course, with no guarantees?You're feeling the pressure, at 10,000 feet?So keep it together, and never look down?Don't slip, and keep a grip until you make it to higher ground?Takin' it Higher (higher) Hey?Come on man?Hey Woah Who’s gonna stop you now? Now that I'm feeling alright, tell me you're feeling alright?Soon as a challenge arrives, I look it dead in the eyes?'Cuz I may not be in the right to be so damn on top of my game?But I got the ticket to takin' ya higher and higher and higher away?Takin' it Higher (higher) Hey?Come on man?Hey Woah Who’s gonna stop you now? Woah (HIGHER!) Who’s gonna stop you now?
Higher (Instrumental)
Higher (Background Vocals)
Background Vocals

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