Fight I Need 03:43


Under the hot lights I’m just watching you burn down the room ?Staying up all night Oh theres nothing that I’d rather do ?You can just let your hair down Please just spin me up in your web Ganna lose my mind If I don’t have you I’d be dead I heard love is a battfield Hell if love is war then Just beat me up I wanna feel blood in between my teeth ?Shoot me down You can blow me to smitherins ?Take my head off Whatver it takes to have ya next to me Oh take it all?Cause you are the fight that I need Look at all those eyes Just follow you round the room Every lost guy Just trying to make a map outta you But honey I’m different I swear I could treat you right Come over closer Won’t you please just make my night Your’re the fight I need
Fight I Need (Instrumental)

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