Nikotene Lost With Me

Lost With Me 03:00


Black jeans skin tight, Hairs up, yeah it’s just right, It ain’t much but I’m feeling like a million tonight, You and me we got enough, We don’t care what they say about us, Velvet ropes open, red carpet kind of life, Cause every time, every time, Yeah we blow it up, x4 Our hands up when the lights go down, With your body on mine we’ll get lost in the crowd, And all heads keep turnin round, When the stars come out, If they’re gonna look at anyone, Its got be, It’s gonna be us, Its got be, its gonna be right now, Slow down and feel the beat, Just lose control and get lost with me, Front row let them know, Hot as hell, baby lets go, I got this feeling they think we are gonna give them a show, All in, one more, Hotel top floor, Burn it down like you know they never seen it before
Lost With Me (Instrumental)

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