Fired Up 02:51


The sun is down, The lights are flashing, I move center stage, Where everyone is dancin, To feel that sweet beat hit the floor, Hands up, lose control, Then I see you from the corner of my eye, so fine  Only got one chance to let you know,  You’re the one I’m looking for,  And I don’t want to lose you tonight, So Lets get, Fired Up, I’ve been waiting for so long yeah, Fired Up, You got me hot under the collar, Fired Up, Nothing is gonna stop this feeling, Fired Up, You know you got me, Fired Up I won’t let you go, Last time I’m asking,  Ya heard it all before, But this time I’m begging, For the last chance to let you know, The only one I’m looking for, And I’m not gonna lose you tonight, tonight,  The only one I wanna be with baby, The only one I wanna be with tonight, The only one I wanna be with baby, baby
Fired Up (Background Vocals)
Background Vocals
Fired Up (Instrumental)

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