More Fatter Silly Goose

Silly Goose (Explicit Lyrics) 02:47


When I kiss you like I used to I get “baby, you just bit me” Couldn’t help it, your ears are tasty Shush my darling, part the red sea (Moses is our guy) Darling here’s your coffee Soy milk extra foam You (Who me?) Yeah you (What!?) I told you dear I switched to tea I’m trying to keep my gut healthy You (Who me?) Yeah you (Why me?) It’s fine by me I’ll drink it up If you want tea, you’re out of luck Silly goose You’re my silly goose Sunday driving, navigation Honey baby, What’s the next turn? Hit a dead end (Frustration!) I look over (Apple Maps?) (Steve is not our guy) I’ll go get the apples You just rest right here You (Who me?) Yeah you (What!?) You know I like that Granny Smith, You always get that Fuji shit You (Who me?) Yeah you (Why me?) It doesn’t matter what I buy The neighbors hate your apple pie Silly goose, You’re my silly goose I’m your silly silly goose You’re my silly silly silly goose
Silly Goose (Instrumental)

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