Desufnoc 03:27


I don’t believe / That I am the only one That feels the way / I do It’s hard to know, to know for sure / Just what you’re living for But I wish I knew x2 Why one of my friends / died so young Drowned in the water / that he drank from I’m confused / I feel so confused Don’t know which way to go / Don’t know what to believe She said, come walk with me / come talk with me And let me tell you why I don’t believe in God I’ve been through more than you can see / I’ve suffered tragedy And I feel so alone / I don’t wanna be alone Somebody please stand next to me I’m not sure how to get where I’m trying to be I don’t understand / And I don’t get the plan It’s so hard to know / Do you know for sure what you’re living for
Desufnoc (Instrumental)

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