what did the others make? what have the others done? you're out in a further place healing seeding a different one And you gotta love it all cause who wants a half-assed head? you got your warning signs yeah you got your second life Ah, ah, ah how would they spend your time? how would they use it better? what if you made it right? what if it bleeds together? It's not like sunshine so how will you make it up the howlers are waiting inside so how will you make it out It's not right, not right so how will you make it work the waters are draining, sunshine so how do you make it? Ah, ah, ah deflate when home's so near when we're almost done should they care how hard you're trying will they come back home it's not here to be all for someone's stopping the last deep hold to knock it out we're all here in our colors now it's not here to hurt or lock you up
Wa (Instrumental)

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